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 We are pleased to partner with VetSource's online pharmacy to offer our clients and patients access to a full pharmacy within our hospital as well as in the convenience of their own home.  As our client, you and your pet(s) can benefit from the "Home Delivery" and "Remind Me" Programs we now offer through VetSource.  VetSource's online pharmacy partners directly with our office to make sure you get the appropriate medications, preventative products, supplies, and food for your individual pet(s).  VetSource has a full guarantee meaning you can order from our online pharmacy without worrying about any product's origin or safety and know that all the products are veterinarian prescribed, FDA and EPA approved and pharmacist verified.  At KFVP, we understand that saving money on prescriptions through our online VetSource pharmacy can help you afford the veterinary care and services your pet(s) will need in the future. 


Below are a few common prescription products our patients are on. 
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